What’s in a name?

At the start of a new year, it seems fitting to look back in time to learn more about the origins of Digbeth.

Have you ever wondered what Digbeth means? Or even where the name Deritend comes from? Luckily we have William Dargue to help shed some light on the history of our little part of the world:

This city of a million people, and a million more near neighbours, is made up of many different geographical and social communities, all interlinked and interdependent. And this has always been the case.

Although population numbers diminish the further we go back in time, and geographical separation becomes greater, for thousands of years people like you and me have lived their lives in the area we now call Birmingham. Here you can investigate the meaning of the city’s place names and catch glimpses of its distant past. Hidden in these ancient names are clues about the preoccupations of our predecessors as they lived and laughed and toiled and travelled in a pre-industrial landscape.

The Old Tripe House, long since demolished. Image: William Dargue

To learn more about each area in our vicinity, click on the links below:



The Irish Quarter

The Bull Ring

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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