World Cup Fever…in Digbeth!

Espirito Brum, the Brazilian cultural exchange festival which mostly calls Digbeth home, has been commissioned for another two years. This is great news for our little part of the world, but what is even better news is the announcement that the Brazilian government has has named Espirito Brum as an officially recognised cultural event in the lead-up towards the FIFA World Cup 2014!

Festival organiser Tessa Burwood said: “Birmingham has so much culture to offer. It is a vibrant and cosmopolitan destination and truly deserves this official recognition. The Espirito Mundo circuit includes Madrid and Paris, and having official inclusion in the global World Cup 2014 Calendar now puts us in the same standing as those European capital cities. It is such an honour. What’s really exciting is that this decision has come from the Brazilian government, which means that people very high up in Brazilian politics will be talking about Birmingham, and finding out about the city.”

This is not only a fantastic opportunity for Digbeth, it is also a chance for our city as a whole to come together and present a united, welcoming and incredibly cultured front to the rest of the world. Digbeth Residents Association is certainly motivated for the challenge, and we look forward to all our members and supporters coming together to champion Espirito Brum to the world, as they’ll all certainly be watching now.

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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