You Are Here

In July 2012, Trevor Pitt and Oliver Jones set up A3 Project Space as an artist-led venue and project space in Digbeth.

This March to October, A3 are working to deliver a series of projects entitled You Are Here, designed to encourage the communities of Digbeth and Bordesley to engage in their surroundings in a different way.

One of these projects was Richard White’s Viaduct, but if you missed out, there are still a number of ways for you to get involved:

Workshops: dates in May and June TBC
Sellotape Cinema

Steven Chamberlain and Steven Snell will run a series of workshops introducing people to animation techniques as part of their Sellotape Cinema project.

Friday 6th and Saturday 7th June
Going Down to Barry’s

Clare Thornton will work with Barry’s fabric shop in Digbeth to make an interactive installation using fabric from the store.

Workshop: Saturday 14th June
Performance: Friday 4th July at 20:00
Record Player Orchestra

Roger Clarke will run workshops with music enthusiasts, challenging them to use record players as musical instruments. On 4th July, the newly formed Record Player of Birmingham will give their first public performance at A3.

There are other projects to be led by artists Rob Hewitt, Mark Gubb, Gordon Dalton, Cathy Wade, Mahtab Hussain, Jo Roberts, and Marlene Smith. Please visit the A3 website for more information.

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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